Complete the FAA MedXPress application prior to your exam!

Please be sure to complete the MedXPress application prior to your exam. You may print the confirmation page, jot the confirmation #
down or take a picture of the number with your phone and bring it to your exam.
Here is the link:


2 thoughts on “Complete the FAA MedXPress application prior to your exam!

  1. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in January of this past year. After treatment, I submitted my paperwork to the FAA to have my medical reinstated. I was told it would be a at least an 8 week wait until my status could be reviewed and possibly longer for issuance of my certificate. As Ray is my AME, I sought his advice and hoped he could expedite the process. I was stunned when Ray called me with the news that I could get an examination as soon a possible and HE would reissue my medical. It took a grand total of 4 days from my first call to being cleared. I am an airline pilot and needed to get back to work ASAP. The difference between 4 days and 8 weeks in terms of wages lost would have been nearly 35,000 dollars!

    I was a patient of Dr. Nadler for 30+ years and a hard sell on a new AME. Dr. Basri has won my confidence and respect but most importantly confirmed his understanding of the importance of his role in our lives as professional aviators. If your medical is in jeopardy, give Dr. Basri a call. He has proven himself as a “pilot’s” doctor.

    Dr. Basri has been my AME for 3 years to date an I can also attest to his easy, walk in hours and friendly, professional demeanor.


    John Duetsch
    United 757-767 Captain

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