The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, Inc. (IWBA’s) 2015 Fall CLE Conference at Saratoga Springs, New York

The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, Inc. (IWBA’s) 2015 Fall CLE Conference was held this weekend September 18-19, 2015  in Sarratoga Springs, NY.

About IWBA – The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, Inc

The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, established January 7, 1997, is comprised of attorneys from throughout New York State who concentrate their practice in representation of injured workers.

Many of our members practice exclusively in the area of Workers’ Compensation Law. Our members provide legal representation for tens of thousands of injured workers every year. To become a member of the IWBA, an attorney must show that 80% or more of their Workers’ Compensation practice consists of representing injured workers and not insurance carriers or employers. Most members also help injured workers in personal injury cases and Social Security Disability cases.

Presenter: Dr. Ray Basri

“Workers’ Compensation and Cardiac Cases”

The topic of my talk was heart attack in the workplace. I presented the diagnosis of cardiac injuries and the relationship to job related activities. The attorneys in the audience represent workers that may have suffered a cardiac event in the workplace. I focused on the association between heart attack and their work related activity which may be either physical exertion or emotional stress contributing to the cardiac event.

I also inform them of the federal death benefit for emergency responders such as firefighters and police that may have had a heart attack on the job and their benefits given by the federal government to the family as well as scholarships for the children

You can view Presentation here:

Dr. Ray Basri

Dr. Ray Basri

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