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Lasik Correction for Pilot



From: Raymond Basri <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >
Date: June 24, 2014 11:03:41 AM EDT
To: <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re:  LASIK

That is very good news indeed. I’m happy you are satisfied with the results. You should bring the report from the eye specialist as well as completing your Medxpress online application listing it as a surgical procedure.

I look forward to seeing you on your next visit and removing your vision restriction from your certificate.


On Jun 24, 2014, at 09:14 AM,  < xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:

Hey Dr. Basri – how’s things?  Hope your summer is off to a good start.

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Successful Return Of a Career Commercial Airline Pilot

I am a senior aviation medical examiner for the FAA.  Part of my duties is to provide pilot with medical consultations so that despite medical issues, they can continue to be certified his meeting the requirements for duty.

I am a specialist in diagnostic cardiology and use the tools of trade to facilitate special issuance for these pilots.  Doing so often means the difference between continuing one’s career and livelihood or beginning a forced disability or retirement.

I routinely help pilots navigate the administrative hurdles necessary to regain medical certification.   Over the years pilots being examined for FAA certification have chosen me as their primary physician 80% of the time.  They do this because they know that my skills allow me to diagnose earlier and began treatment when needed.

I am also keenly aware that regaining ones medical certification after cardiac event wires an intimate knowledge of the process.  I am often able to recertify a pilot after exactly six months which is the minimum required under FAA guidelines.

As an example of this, the following letter illustrates a routine case of pilot who suffered a myocardial infarction and cardiac stents.  I routinely provide the cardiac  evaluations including stress testing so that a comprehensive report can be submitted to the FAA.

The following letter is taken directly from the records of the pilot who successfully resume his career he currently maintains excellent health.

Courtney Scott, DO

Manager, Aeromedical Certification Division
PO Box 26080
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

Re:  Capt Smith
DOB: 05-22-55

Dear Dr. Scott,

I performed the cardiovascular exam as per protocol for the first request for Authorization for Special Issuance of a First Class Medical Certificate.

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HELPING a pilot

“I recently had a rather unpleasant bout with bladder cancer. (not uncommon in ex smokers). During the testing process, they also came up with a kidney stone. Two months later both doctors cleared me to work. (Urologist and Nephrologist). I never did pass the stone. AMAS guided me through the whole deal, and sent my paperwork to the FAA on April 7th. Next step? Wait 8+ weeks to get my special issuance. I talked to my AME, Ray Basri who is sympathetic to pilots being held to unfair/Godlike medical standards…He made phone call, lobbied for me and after 4 days, he issued me a special issuance medical. He seams to have a VERY good working relationship with the Northeast region flight surgeon. It most certainly greased some wheels. 56+ days vs. 4 days.

I post this because there aren’t many AME who are truly interested in actually HELPING a pilot. Its easier to just move to the next guy. Ray is qualified as a “super” AME by the FAA. (not sure what that means exactly)

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